Minimal requirements

The guidelines for purchasing cocoa and coffee beans include minimum requirements.

Each cooperative of cocoa and / or coffee beans has obligation to ensure that:

  • Deliver best quality of cocoa and / or coffee beans on time,
  • Make transparency the supply chain,
  • Submit transparency financial data throughout the supply chain
  • Distribute equitable prices to the farmers,
  • Respect the labor law regarding the minimum wage,
  • Outlawing children labor, forced labor, and all type of discrimination.

CANADIAN BEANS Ltd. does not make compromise on the quality of the raw material.

Our pride is the best quality of raw material we provide. Each cooperative which receives agreement from CANADIAN BEANS Ltd. is evaluated and monitored in order to guarantee the quality of raw materials. Before any shipment, an authorized expert team controls the quality of our products.

Quality of raw materials - general Conditions


These guidelines refer to the upkeep of farms, the crop, the fermentation, the drying, and the selling of the cocoa and coffee beans. The quality requirements of the raw materials are followed from the farms through the shipment. The quality specifications for processed cocoa will be addressed in individual contracts.

Assessment criteria

1: Basic specifications

The specification of the product varies according to the origin and will be specified by the suppliers in the contract. The best quality of the products made of cocoa beans depends on the raw materials. Those cocoa beans should have excellent quality, which means good culture, perfect maintenance of trees; following the instructions during the crop, best practice of the fermentation, and the drying of beans.

The minimum quality of cocoa beans would be the best quality according to the origin and the specific parameters. The standard parameters are related to the humidity, the moldy, the bugs, the percentile of fermented entirely or partially of beans, and the shortcomings. According to the contract, the flavor could be a parameter to be tested.

2: Specifications of storage

The cocoa beans should be stored in a dry and well ventilated area, far from the sources of contamination like the pesticides, the chemical products, fuels, the flammable substances, etc.